Your route to CPA & QP

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8 March, 2017



The Centennial College’s Bachelor of Professional Accounting (Hons) program (BPAcc) has been accredited by 6 renowned international professional accountancy bodies, including the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).  The HKICPA is the only body authorized by law to register and grant practicing certificates to certified public accountants in Hong Kong. The Institute has more than 40,800 members and more than 18,000 registered students. Members of the Institute are entitled to the description "certified public accountant" and to the designation CPA.

On Wednesday 8 March 2017, our College had the great honor to have Ms Angela Leung, Manager (Examination), Department of Education & Training, HKICPA; as the guest speaker for our monthly professional accounting seminar titled “Your route to CPA & QP ”.

The HKICPA Qualification Programme (QP) is a comprehensive training program that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become a CPA. QP builds on a recognized accounting degree, including the BPAcc program offered by the Centennial College, and progresses to course work and examinations -- the knowledge side of the pyramid. On the practice side, QP students will participate in workshops that simulate issues students will face at work as a CPA. QP students will then go on to real-world experience, gained under the tutelage of a CPA, which prepares the QP students to assume roles with greater responsibility.  Completing the QP and qualified as HKICPA members, and passing the Hong Kong Practicing Certificate (PC) examinations, which are necessary for registration as an auditor, as well as running their accounting or CPA firm.  Over the last 3 academic years, about 40% of our BPAcc graduates have registered as QP students of the HKICPA.

Ms Angela Leung also shared her professional accountancy career after graduation from her HKUST accounting degree, qualifying for the ACCA, working for a Big 4 accounting firm and then an American company in Hong Kong, before joining the HKICPA Secretariat in 5 years ago.

Awarding Certificate to Ms. Angela Leung from Prof. Joseph Yau.