Company Secretaries & Corporate Governance

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5 April, 2017



The Centennial College’s Bachelor of Professional Accounting (Hons) program (BPAcc) has been accredited by 6 renowned international professional bodies, including the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS). Chartered Secretaries are high ranking professionals who are trained to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, effective operations, compliance and administration. Highly valued by employers for their ICSA training, Chartered Secretaries are the primary source of advice on the conduct of business. This can span everything from legal advice on conflicts of interest, through accounting advice, to the development of strategy and corporate planning. Chartered Secretaries are employed as chairs, chief executives and non-executive directors, as well as managers and company secretaries.

The work of a Company Secretary is essential to the direction, governance, administration and management of a company.  Company Secretaries must not only work and interact with the directors, managers and shareholders of their companies - they must also work and interact with the various government and regulatory bodies which regulate the activities of their companies, such as the Registrar of Companies, the Inland Revenue Department, the Securities and Futures Commission and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

According to the Companies Ordinance (2014), only the chartered secretaries, certified public accountants and practicing lawyers can be acting as the company secretary of a listed company in Hong Kong.  As such, among the current over 5,000 HKICS members, about 30% of them are qualified accountants or CPAs.  The Centennial College’s BPAcc graduates are eligible for claiming 4 exemptions of the 8 professional examination papers offered by the HKICS International Qualifying Scheme (IQS).

On Wednesday 5 April 2017, our College had the great honor to have Dr Davy Lee, as the guest speaker for our monthly professional accounting seminar titled “Company Secretaries & Corporate Governance”.  Dr. Davy Lee is the Corporate Secretary of the Lippo Group. He has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate governance and company secretarial field.  Dr. Lee is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries Administration (ICSA in the UK) and The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS).  He joined the Institute Council in 1994 and was elected President in 2002.  He was an ICSA International Council member in 2003.

Dr. Lee shared the following at this Seminar:

•        What is good Corporate Governance?
•        Why Corporate Governance is important?
​ •        Importance of Company Secretaries in Corporate Governance

Awarding Certificate to Mr. Davy Lee from Prof. Joseph Yau.