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Executive Certificate in Big Data & Analytics for Business 

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Lecturers & Speakers

We invited lecturers from the industry to provide you with the knowlege and core concepts in Big Data and Analytics in the business world. Various guest speakers will also come to classes and share with you the real-life case studies on Big Data management in their business operations. 

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Module 1-3

Mr Francis Kwok (Unit 1-2)    

Francis is a Founder and CEO of Radica Systems Limited and the CEO of He is also the Chief Designer of Data Studio at Hong Kong Science Park. Being a veteran in the industry, Francis is a regular author and speaker on Big Data topics, including commercial, governmental, and academic sectors. 

Dr Efstratios Tsougenis (Unit 3)    

Efstratios is an experienced A.I. engineer and entrepreneur, co-founder of Toloscope that provides IoT and Video Analytics solutions for the retail industry. He was involved in a number of medical projects including HEp2 image analysis for autoimmune diseases by using A.I., skin collagen quantification, and stem cell video analysis. 

Mr Ivan Ng (Unit 4, 5 & 8)    

Ivan is one of the earliest certified Big Data experts in Hong Kong and has delivered over 50+ Big Data related training sessions for over 1,000 participants since 2012. Participants include OGCIO, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Education Bureau, and AXA Insurance. He is also a Founder of Lively Impact and the Non-Executive Technical Director of Radica Systems Limited. 

Ms Sharon Liang (Unit 6 & 7)    

Sharon Liang has been working in the analytical area for years with special focus on big data application and business intelligence. She has collaborated with various industries including finance, luxury retail and real estate and public sector for their HR, marketing, finance analytics. Sharon owns a master degree in marketing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Sharon Leung

Module 4

Ms Titania Kwan (Unit 9-11)    

Titania has over 25 years of experience in Big Data & Analytics. She was a Director of Consumer Analytics in an international information services provider, dedicating to providing consumer analytics/consulting services and championing segmentation /data product for a wide range of clients in Asia Pacific.

Titania Kwan
Ms Wallis Chan  (Unit 9-11)    

Wallis is a Managing Director of Radica Systems Limited. She actively promotes data-driven e-marketing practice with high ROI especially for clients from the luxury brand, retail, hospitality, and entertainment sectors in the past 10 years.


Module 5

Mr Brian Tsang  (Unit 12-16)    

Brian is a Data Analytics Consultant at Radica Systems Limited and an active data scientist on Kaggle, a global crowdsourcing platform for predictive modeling and Big Data analytics competition since 2010. He has over 5 years of professional training experience on course content design and development for subjects in information, communications, and technology. 


Guest Speakers

Mr Li Sai Chin    

Sai is the Head of D&A for KPMG Hong Kong. He has over 18 years of IT Strategy and Delivery experience with specialisation in data analytics. He has been helping his clients globally; leveraging data to drive business decisions and growth. Sai has a technical background and a track record for successful implementations of large and complex global projects, in addition, He covers the full spectrum of data analytics; from strategy to solution design, development and implementation. Sai came from the UK where he spent most of his career with large global consulting firms. He transferred to KPMG HK 6 years ago to establish the D&A practice.

Li Sai Chin
Michal Szczecinski    

Michal is the Head of Analytics and Data Science at GOGOVAN. Previously, he worked in data teams of PwC, NaturalMotion and Zynga. He was the Founder of Artificial Intelligence Oxford and Quantified Self Oxford meetup groups.

Michal Szczecinski

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 *Lecturers and guest speakers are subject to change based on availability.


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