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Reference No. 16/014C Publication Year 2016
Author(s) Anna Lee, Lawrence Mui
Company Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation
Industry Public Sector and Non Profit
Geographic setting Hong Kong
Functional Area Marketing; Social Enterprises and Ethics


Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation introduced and promoted better social values in Hong Kong, specifically on fairness and social justice: First and foremost, it protected the farmers and workers from exploitation by ensuring fair returns on their investments and compensation for their labor. That helped workers and their families to live with dignity, minimized damage to the environment, and developed a sustainable and just society. Furthermore, it provided a not-for-profit social platform so that both business companies and consumers in Hong Kong could support fair trade practices to make Hong Kong a fairer society.
In today’s increasingly inter-connected world, it could easily be a “global trend” that business corporations would put more efforts to integrate fair trade practices in their business operations. FTHK and similar organizations world-wide would continue to strive for greater social justice for people living in less developed countries, while instilling better social values in their own society.

This short case is a supplement to a lecture and is prepared for classroom discussion.