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Case Research Centre - People

Academic Advisors

Dr. Ailie TANG (Director)
BBA (City University of Hong Kong); PhD (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Dr. Anna LEE
Mphil (University of Hong Kong); PhD (University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Ariel LI
MBA; PhD (University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Fiona LOCK
BSc; PhD (University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Steve YANG
MBA (Hong Kong Baptist University); PhD (University of Edinburgh)

Prof. Joseph YAU
MBA (University of Strathclyde); PhD (The University of Glasgow)

Dr. Amy YIP
CFA; BSc; MPhil (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); DBA (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)


Research Team

Minyi HUANG (Case Writer)
BA (University of Central Lancashire); MSc ; PhD (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Cinty Li (Case Writer)
MBA (University of Western Ontario)

W H LO (Case Writer)
MBA (University of Strathclyde)