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High Table Dinner 2015

The Office of Student Success of Centennial College has held the first High Table Dinner under the Student Ambassador and Student Representative Scheme 2015 on 22 April 2015 at Royal Plaza Hotel with the aim of training relevant leaders to equip with necessary socializing skills and get well versed to social and dining etiquettes while gaining some insights from successful stories shared by the Guest of Honour. We were much honored to have Dr Ricky Szeto, the Executive Director of Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited, to be our Guest of Honour for this remarkable event. He shared with us 3Cs and 5Ps for his perspectives on successful leadership. To be a successful leader, Dr Szeto emphasized on the importance on “Care, Competence and Character”.  If we care about what we are doing, we will find ways to make others satisfied and perform well. He further added on to share that “Passion, Positive, Playfulness and Persistence and Persuasion” drove him to success and encourage us not to become defeated by your own self.  Our President, Professor John Malpas, also shared with us the different traditions of high table dinner between the University of Oxford and universities in Hong Kong. The event ended with enjoyment and fulfillment as well as positive feedback from participants.

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