"Words" from Teachers

Who are your professors? What are they like as people?

What experiences have they been through? A number of our professors from different disciplines have written a series of enjoyable and inspiring articles to help you get to know them better and learn from their interesting experiences.


Topic Sharing from
畢業倒計時     Read More Dr Shelley Lu
從市場學分析「Puzzle and Dragons」     Read More Dr Ailie Tang
On the Importance of Writing Well     Read More Ms Aditi Jhaveri
讀中文,其實可以不那麼悶     Read More Dr Chang Lui
Time value of money     Read More Dr Amy Yip
由孫中山愛國說起     Read More Professor Tang Chiu Kay
Multinational Corporations in Developing Countries     Read More Dr Shibuichi Daiki
Should same-sex marriage be a right?     Read More Dr K Y Cheng
Accounting is not just about numbers     Read More Dr Helen Yee
All-rounded Professional Accountant     Read More Professor Joseph Yau
淺談香港中學文憑考試"中國語文"試卷     Read More Professor Tang Chiu Kay
Otaku people in the early 1980s     Read More Dr Shibuichi Daiki
What is "Halloween"?     Read More Dr Sabina Mak
建巢箱替代樹洞以提高市區公園的雀鳥多樣性     Read More Dr Fiona Lock
談遊學印度音樂見聞     Read More Ms Li Wai Chung
愉快學習     Read More Dr Angus Lam
Think out of the box!     Read More Dr Felix Lam
Behind the tremendous achievements of China in the past decades     Read More Dr Eva Hung
My teaching     Read More Mr Chiu Kai Chiu Edward
Search     Read More Dr K Y Cheng
歡迎詞     Read More Professor Cheng Kin Fai
Articles in EducationPost     Read More Professor Joseph Yau