The International Conference on Business Case Research (ICBCR 2016)

The School of Management is pleased to hold the International Conference on Business Case Research (ICBCR), the first international conference organised by Centennial College. The theme of ICBCR 2016 is “Management and Innovation” and “Drucker’s Legacy in the 21st Century Management”. Decades ago, Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management, articulated his management theory and vision, changing the history of management and influencing millions of businesses and scholars. In today’s business world, globalization and technological advancement have almost blurred the national borders. In most industries, companies are now facing immense competitions from both local and global markets. Effective management and innovation has then become two important directions for companies to develop and sustain their competitiveness. How Drucker’s management in the 21st century impacts on today’s businesses? How management as a liberal art is shaping the future of business management?

The conference intends to bring together international scholars, research students, professionals and business leaders to present and share their research findings and industry insights, thus advancing research, management practices and innovation around the world. It is also a valuable platform for your networking and business idea brainstorming.

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Date:12 - 14 Dec 2016
Venue:Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong
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