Feature Talks by professor and celebrity

Liberal arts education attaches great importance to student’s international exposure and helps them build a broad, global perspectives.  This time round the College is focusing on “Travel” as its theme for Information Day. Professor Edward Chen and Mr Tony Hung will share their personal international travel experiences - an opportunity to hear from globetrotters not to be missed!


“Liberal Arts Education – A bridge to the world”


Speaker: Professor Edward Chen, Council Chairman of Centennial College

Professor Edward Chen will share with you the relationship between liberal arts education and travelling. And share how you can experience liberal arts education through travelling around the globe to widen your horizons and develop global perspectives.


“Travel with Tony Hung!”

Speaker: Tony Hung, a famous TV travel programme host

Tony Hung has been a TV travel programme host for over a decade, with an abundance of travel experiences. He has been to warring nations such as Iraq and Iran, wealthy cities like London and Paris, and the most secretive country of them all, which is North Korea. He knows, if anyone does, how to bring his audience to the world! On this occasion, he will be globetrotting along with us!


Welcome DSE students, AD/HD students, other students, teachers and parents to join.

*Seats are limited with a first-come, first-served basis

Date:18 June, 2017 (Sunday)
Time:2:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue:Centennial College, 3 Wah Lam Path, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
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