Field trip - BaWang's Guangzhou Headquarters

 Centennial College Field Trip - BaWang's Guangzhou Headquaters

Guided tour in BaWang's IndustrialComplex
Guided tour in BaWang's IndustrialComplex

25 April 2013

In semester 2 this year, students studying the course “Business Environment in China” went on a one-day field trip to visit the Guangzhou Headquarters of BaWang International (Group) Holdings Limited.

The field trip is part of the requirements for a group project. Our students were warmly received by BaWang’s senior management staff, as well as the Group’s Chairman, Mr. Chen Qiyuan.




Lunch Seminar in BaWang Field Trip​The company kindly organised a three-hour lunch time seminar with a number of presentations made by its senior staff members. Our students were also given a guided tour of the new Industrial Complex located in Baiyun District.

The field trip very much broadened the horizons of our students, providing them with valuable information and insights not otherwise covered in textbooks.