AIA Guangzhou Study Tour 2016

 AIA GuangZhou Study Tour 2015 - Group photo at PWC GuangZhou

18 - 20 December 2015

Student Sharing:

Thamsuhnag Dhan Maya
​Year 3 Student Studying for the Professional Accounting Programme 

I would like to thank Centennial College and AIA for taking us on a study tour. I really enjoyed the tour. The tour gave me a chance to spend some memorable time with my friends. On our first day, we went to visit Bawang group and met the CEO of Bawang. It was an honour to meet him. He is such a friendly and humble person. He introduced us his father’s collection of antique books. He also shared some of his childhood stories and did Chinese calligraphy for us. Not only that but he also gave us some Bawang products as souvenir. We also went to visit the Bawang Plant. We were very amazed and felt honoured when we saw a big red banner welcoming us at the entrance of the plant and also in other institutions. It was very sincere of them to give us that privilege. Throughout the tour around the plant , we got to know that the shampoos are stored in many giant cylinders and are supervised by only few staff. We also got a glimpse of how the assembly and finishing are done by the machines.

AIA GuangZhou Study Tour 2015 - Group photo at ShineWing GuangZhou

The hotel we stayed in was very nice. I had a chance to share a room with my close friend, Agnes. Every night after the dinner, us and the other participants from both Centennial College and other institutions would gather in a room and play games. It was nice making new friends there. The hotel provided us everything we needed which was such a great relief. We really enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning. We would serve ourselves various cuisines. 

On the second day, we visited Guangdong University of Finance and Economics and had lunch there too. During the lunch, we also met 2 students from the university and got to know more about Guangdong and the university. Afterwards, we went to Haixinsha Island, which was a newly developed island. The island housed many new infrastructures and also the venue for 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony. The island was very clean and the high-rise buildings reflected central districts of Hong Kong. The most beautiful and amazing thing I saw in the island was the Canton Tower, which was lit up at night and stood 595.7 meter tall. It was as beautiful as the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. We all raced to take a picture with the beautifully lit Canton tower. For dinner, we went for a group buffet at Crown Plaza Guangzhou City Centre Hotel. The buffet was a food paradise for us as we could find dishes of many countries. We ate as much as we could and also saved us some time for shopping around the city. 

AIA GuangZhou Study Tour 2015 - BaWang's production line

On the last day, we visited Donghao Chong museum and learned about the living conditions and history of those who lived at the river banks. There was a portrait of a Chinese woman selling fruits in her tiny boat, sailing around the river. It brought me back to her era and gave me a surreal feeling. I also took a picture with the portrait as if I was buying from the woman. 

Afterwards, we left for Guangzhou Port Nansha Automotive Terminal Co Ltd. The port was really huge and we had to drive through the entrance till the assembly area. When I saw hundreds of car lined up in rows, I really wished if I could scoop them and bring them home. It is amazing that they manufacture cars of various brands. Before we left for Hong Kong, we also visited Funsens’ Cross-border Direct Purchase and Experiential Center. We learned that in order to buy from the center, one has to make an official order and the goods are delivered later only. The goods there were relatively cheap but we were saddened to learn that only China citizens are eligible to make the purchase. However, we understand that it is for fairness.