Visa Requirements

Centennial College - VISA Requirements of Student Exchange

All visitors who do not have a right of abode or right to land for the purpose of study in Hong Kong are required to apply for a student visa.


To apply, you need to:

  1. Submit your original copy of the visa application document to Centennial College. The College will sponsor your visa application once you are admitted.
  2. The College will forward your visa application document to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for processing, which normally takes six to eight weeks processing time. They will inform the College of your results in due course.
  3. Please send the following documents together with the bank draft by express post to the College Office (Address: College Counter, 1/F, Centennial College, 3 Wah Lam Path, Pokfulam, Hong Kong).
    • Completed Application Form for Entry for Study in Hong Kong ID995A
    • Recent passport-size photo (affixed on page 2 of the form ID995A)
    • Completed Application Form for Sponsorship of a Student Visa
    • Photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport containing personal particulars, date of issue, date of expiry and/or details of any re-entry visa held (if any)
    • Photocopy of the offer letter from the College
    • Photocopy of proof of your financial support, e.g. bank statements, savings account passbooks, tax receipts and salary slips (if you use your parent’s financial statement, your parent is required to provide a copy of his/her census record and a written consent stating that he/she will provide financial support for your study in Hong Kong.)
    • Photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card (if any)
  4. Once your visa/entry permit application is approved, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will issue an entry permit label to the College. Centennial College will send the label to you by express mail
  5. When you receive your visa label, fix it to a blank page in your passport. Do this before landing in Hong Kong