About Centennial College

Centennial College LogoWe are delighted that you are considering Centennial College for your studies. Centennial College was established by The University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 2012, its centenary year. The College offers a liberal arts education, preparing students for a life of personal growth, fulfilment and achievement. Our curriculum is designed to expand students’ minds and intellects, integrate diverse disciplines across the humanities, social sciences and business studies, and provide a foundation for lifelong development and learning.


Centennial College Students at Common Room The atmosphere at Centennial College is warm and friendly. Centennial College strives to build close relationships between staff and students and encourages teamwork wherever possible. The College has been designed as an intimate environment for teaching and learning where students can feel relaxed and mix easily with other classmates and teaching staff. Our class size is relatively small so as to facilitate two-way learning and small-group activities. Because our students have access to the dining, library, and sports facilities of the nearby University of Hong Kong, we offer the advantages of both a small college and a large university.


Among the many opportunities we offer are: field trips in Hong Kong, mainland China and around the globe; study tours, service learning, internships; and our Academic and Professional Development Seminar Series.

We are here to answer your questions!


Admissions and International Affairs Office

Email: international@centennialcollege.hku.hk
Tel: (852) 3762 6200