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Centennial College is located in close proximity of the University of Hong Kong. Students can have access to a considerable collection of learning resources, helping us to further enrich our knowledge beyond classrooms. For those who are keen fans of sports, they can also work out in various sports facilities in HKU to relieve their stress and reenergise themselves after hours of learning. Here we will not have to rush through the learning process. The student-teacher ratio in Centennial College is comparatively smaller, making it possible that lecturers can cater different students’ needs better. Students are given more chances pondering what we have learnt and raise questions for further discussions. This enables us to reflect on what has been taught and comprehend the subject matter thoroughly instead of cramming everything into our mind without processing.

To transform us into well-rounded and versatile individuals that can cope with different challenges emerging in our society, Centennial College not only equip us with a sound foundation of generic skills but also nurture us to think with clarity and creativity. The interdisciplinary courses from different majors expose us with a broad range of liberal arts subjects like language, humanities, social sciences, culture and communication, expanding our understanding of our multifaceted world and sharpening our competitive edge as we can articulate things and solve problems of different disciplines with ease.

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