2018-19 Scholarships/Tuition Waivers for New Students

In 2018-19, the College offers the following entrance scholarships and tuition waiver schemes to new students who hold different qualifications such as DSE, IB, AD/HD and overseas.

  • Scholarship / Tuition Waiver may be awarded for up to 4 years (for Year-1 entry) or 2 years (for Year-3 entry)
  • Students are entitled for up to 4-year or 2-year full tuition waived
  • As long as the requisite score is achieved upon admission, the corresponding scholarship/tuition waiver will be guaranteed for at least 2 years. No separate application is required
  • An additional living grant of $25,000 is awarded to overseas students


Remark: Terms and conditions apply. Centennial College reserves the right to make the final decision.