Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)* - Sustainability, Technology and Society

Field trip

The Major aims to take students on a historical, philosophical, scientific, techno-scientific, cultural and practical journey into the concept of sustainability. The predicament faced by an increasing and more affluent human population on our finite planet Earth, particularly crises induced by the inseparable daily use of technology on a global scale, make the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development key to our future success as a species and amongst the most hotly debated topics of contemporary society. The debates cry out for logical and knowledgeable leadership and a better educated populace that can make informed judgments and decisions. Therefore, it lays the ground work for those who wish to work or go on further specialist studies in sustainability, by providing some more focused knowledge concerning the environment, necessary for today’s corporate culture and essential to policy making.


* New programme has been approved by HKCAAVQ and is subject to final approval by Chief Executive-in-Council