Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)


Special Features

  • Cater for the market demand, student interest and potential implications of the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Foster independent ‘out of the box’ thinking, creativity, critical reasoning, awareness of global issues and the ability to make appropriately-informed decisions
  • Deliver an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning experience

Success Stories


Oriana Cheung

Graduate 2016
​BA (Major in Global Studies and
Minor in China Studies)

Currently studying for an MA 
in International Relations at University of Leeds

The Global Studies Major has equipped me with all-round knowledge and prepared me to deal with difficulties in this fast-changing world. At Centennial College, I have developed my critical-thinking and communication skills, and more importantly, the vision of globalised societies in the 21st Century. All these have helped me build a solid foundation for my further studies and future career.

Zhu Zehou

Zhu Zehou

Graduate 2016
BA (Major in Global Studies and
Minor in China Studies)

Currently studying for 
an MA in Chinese Studies at CUHK

Studying at Centennial College has been a totally memorable and worthwhile experience. The learning experience in Global and China Studies has enabled me to strengthen my time management skill, critical thinking skill, and research abilities. I have also enhanced my level of English langauge proficiency, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.  I am fully prepared for postgraduate study and research.

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Qualifications Framework

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework

QR Registration No.: 17/000620/L5

Validity Period: 01/09/2017 - 31/08/2022

QF Level: 5

Majors in the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Programme