BA - Graduate Profile

Programme Objectives

​The Programme aims to provide academic opportunities for purposeful learning that fosters critical and integrative thinking across conventional boundaries, creative synergy of cultural and intellectual resources, and a spirit of mutual understanding and collaborative innovation.

This Programme is a highly innovative academic scheme designed for students of the 21st century who aspire to acquire well-rounded skills and broad intellectual perspectives that will enable them to thrive in workplaces where business success comes from personal and collaborative initiatives, a strong sense of trust and responsibility, open communication and active commitment to creative problem-solving as well as continuous improvement.

The Programme offers a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning experience and a choice of three Majors of specialisation:

  1. Language and Communication (LC)
  2. Media, Culture and Creativity (MCC)
  3. Business Management and the Liberal Arts (BMLA)

Education Pathways

Graduates are encouraged to pursue further study in postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong and overseas. They can apply for postgraduate programmes in the following fields:

Language and Communication Major

Language studies, communication studies,
​education, sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics

Media, Culture and Creativity Major

Digital media, communication, film studies, journalism, media and cultural management, public relations and advertising, and cultural studies

Business Management and the Liberal Arts Major

Marketing, business administration, human resources management, business management, corporate governance, public relations and advertising


Employment Pathways

Graduates will be able to pursue careers:

Language and Communication Major

In the public and private sectors in various areas including: education, public administration, advertising, tourism, public relations, marketing, and the media.

Media, Culture and Creativity Major

In areas such as broadcasting, print media, online and digital media, creative and cultural industries, and public policy

Business Management and the Liberal Arts Major

In various fields including: business administration, event management, social media marketing, and human resources management