Students' Union & Societies

Skills and friendships that last a lifetime

Participating in student organisations and activities is an important part of university education and often provides some of the most memorable and defining moments of your student life.

Centennial College - Students' Union & Societies

Many students develop friendships and interests that last a lifetime.

You will learn people skills, teamwork, event management and more through organising different activities and providing services to your fellow students. You will have a lot of fun too!


Passion and interest

If you are interested in taking up a role in an existing student organisation or even setting up a group of your own in an area that you are passionate about, you are welcome to approach our Office of Student Success for coordination and support.

In the past year, our student groups organised a glamorous Winter Ball, a popular Singing Contest, Sports Fun Days and service learning for all students.

Centennial College - Students' Union & Societies

The Students’ Union was formally established in 2014 to promote the welfare and sense of belonging of the student body. An executive committee is formed annually through election by all students to run the union. The union also coordinates Student Clubs and Societies.

At present, a number of Student Clubs and Societies covering a wide range of interests such as sports, arts, social, and cultural activities have been set up to enrich students’ College life.