Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Sustainability, Technology and Society

Sustainability, Technology and Society

Sustainability is a concept that is so much more than simply being environmentally friendly. It is about thinking today of the future for generations to come, and is now an essential knowledge set for contemporary corporate culture and policy-making, particularly in Hong Kong and Asia. To better understand the concept of Sustainability and its relevance to future social development, this programme aims to walk students through ideas garnered from history, culture and philosophy, science, technology and practical applications.



Selected Major Courses

  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Law and Ethics
  • Global Ecosystem and Human Influence
  • Innovation and Technologies for Sustainable Development
  • Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Popular Culture and the Consumerist Society
  • The Anthropocene
  • The Home Planet: An Introduction to Earth Systems
  • Urbanisation and Sustainable Development in China
  • World Cities and Sustainable Development