The Opportunities and Challenges Encountered by the Hong Kong CPAs working in Mainland China

08 April 2013

The opportunities and challenges encountered by the Hong Kong CPAs working in mainland ChinaNowadays, it is inevitable that the Hong Kong CPAs have to work in mainland China in one way or another. In order to prepare the accounting students of our Centennial College for this indispensable trend, we invited Mr. Henry Chiu, the VP Finance, COGO Inc., a listed corporation in the US, to share with our students of his over 10 years of accounting and finance working experience in mainland China on 8 April 2013.

First and foremost, Mr. Chiu said that in the near future, the Hong Kong CPAs would still have the competitive advantages compared with their counterparts in mainland China, in terms of international exposure, English proficiency and technical skills, but the CPAs in mainland China would catch up with or even surpass them gradually in view of the current rapid economic and professional advancements.

However, Henry emphasized that the Hong Jong CPAs have always maintained the 3 most important ingredients that the mainland CPAs may still have a big gap – they are professional ethics, integrity and governance.

Henry suggested our students trying to complete the professional accounting examinations after graduation as soon as possible and capture every working opportunity in mainland China. When working in China, we should brush up our Putonghua in order to improve our communication and interpersonal skills, adapt to the environmental changes, be humble and avoid any attitude of superiority, and prepare to accept challenges. As his final advise, Henry reminded our students not to be afraid of competing with our accounting counterparts in mainland China but do always bear in mind of our professional ethics, integrity and governance.